Preservation of culture and traditions, strengthening the institution of the family

In the work of the meeting The international discussion Club “VISION 3000”, the theme of which was: “The role of the women’s community in the modern world”, made a presentation by the CHAIRMAN of the COORDINATING COUNCIL of the WORLD MOVEMENT OF TATAR WOMEN, head of the Committee for Work with public organizations “Ak Kalfak” of the World Congress of Tatars, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Idrisova Kadriya .


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The topic of the report: “Preservation of culture and traditions, strengthening the institution of the family.”

Good afternoon, dear Alfiya Ravilevna, dear participants of the meeting!

For all of us, women of different ages and different professions, today is a significant event, we have the opportunity to communicate on the discussion platform, tell about ourselves, share our experience. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the managers and organizers who provided us with this opportunity.

The Renaissance

The fate of every woman is closely intertwined with the fate of the country, with the history and traditions of her ancestors. As time shows, a woman can be happy in a state and society where she has the opportunity to be free and develop. Throughout its history, our people have experienced difficult periods and a time of rebirth.

The end of the 20th-the beginning of the 21st century, for our language, religion, traditions – the renaissance. Since we live in this era, we face large-scale tasks, and we have great obligations. We are children of the era of socialism. Unfortunately, the traditions and customs of our people have not been passed on to us. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the connection between generations was lost.

The World Congress of Tatars: history and activities

In 1992, 32 years ago, the First Congress of the World Congress of Tatars was held in Kazan. It was then that the World Congress of Tatars began work on uniting Tatars around the world, and today work in this direction continues. The Congress has become the meaning of life for millions of our compatriots.  For 32 years now, Tatarstan has been the center of uniting representatives of the Tatar people from all over the world. And we understand that this is necessary.

Our compatriots, wherever they live, come to the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, for thousands of mass events.

The World Congress of Tatars, together with the leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan, holds Federal Sabantui, the All-Russian Rural Sabantui, the All-Russian Folklore Festival “Tugarak uen”, the All-Russian Forum of religious figures, a gathering of farmers from Tatar villages, meetings of Tatarstan business partners, the World Islamic Summit and such large-scale events as the holiday “Izge Bolgar Zhyeny” in Bolgar. All these events have become a reference point and a unifying force for our people.

Ak Kalfak unites women

Along with the creation of the World Congress of Tatars in 1992, one of the main tasks was the organization of the public association of Tatar women “Ak Kalfak” under it.

Today, the organization has more than 2,700 branches and branches in 48 regions and republics of Russia, in 17 foreign countries. International forums are held every two years, and congresses are held every four years. In addition, field meetings are held 3-4 times a year.

The first Congress of Tatar Women was held in Kazan in 1917, and only 102 years later, in 2019, the Second World Congress of Tatar Women took place. What was it for? We women have never been indifferent, we have been rooting for our people, worried about their future, this has always been the meaning of our lives. And the Second World Congress of Tatar Women confirmed this.

Sociological studies have shown that today 60-70 percent of active women in modern society, so we pay special attention to the development of the association of Tatar women “Ak Kalfak”. This is a popular movement, and where the people are, faith is born, the future is born, trust is born!

The task is to educate a healthy nation

In our activities, the first point of support is visiting meetings, congresses and gatherings, the second is “Kalfak Tuilary”, events where we collect material about famous representatives of the Tatar people. Therefore, the current year, 2024, was declared the Year of Personalities by the World Congress of Tatars.

The next stage of our activity is the awakening of national consciousness in our children and adolescents. At all times, it was important for every woman to preserve national consciousness in the family, create a family hearth, and respect the traditions and customs of her people. This is still relevant today. This year in our country has been declared the Year of the Family for a reason. National education should begin with breast milk. If the national spirit penetrates our souls from an early age, we will never lose it. We must pay special attention to family education and observance of moral laws.

In order to unite the Tatar people, we hold traditional All-Russian festivals, work with folklore ensembles and folk theaters.

We believe that an important task is to study family trees, restore family heirlooms, based on the traditions of our people, and get acquainted with the lives of outstanding representatives of the family business.

Our task for the future is to educate a healthy nation. For representatives of every nation there are unshakable values: one of which is religion, and the other is the native language. If we organize a charitable movement through religion, then our task is to organize an educational one through our native language.

Traditions as a link between generations

Mothers of different nationalities gathered in the hall today. Our country, Russia, is a multinational state. We Tatars live in close contact and friendship with different peoples – Russians, Bashkirs, Chuvash, Mari and representatives of other nationalities. Everyone is pleased to hear when a child, regardless of his nationality, does not hesitate to speak his native language. This delights us, because it is the merit of the mother, her face! Our task, regardless of nationality, is to revive and pass on to the younger generation the traditions and customs of our ancestors, to introduce them to the national cuisine and clothing.

To this end, we organize many events, hold contests “Tatar kyzchyge, Tatar malae” with children 6-7 years old, the same competition is held for students 15-17 years old. The Tatar Kyzy contest is being held among girls aged 18-28. Events dedicated to Tatar families, pedigrees, historical figures, folk games, the history of Tatar villages, ceremonial holidays such as “Kaz omase”, “Karga Botkasy”, “Babi Tue”, “Kalfak tue” are held, a national brand Tatar down shawl has been created, as well as a brand of goose down pillows Through such events, we, mothers of different nationalities, teach children to show respect for their language, traditions, and way of life.

National costume is the heritage of the people

Today, a woman of any nationality has something to think about. Let’s focus on examples.

Let’s pay attention to the clothes that adorn our body, symbolize us as a nation. For example, we are Muslim Tatar women, and the Muslim religion unites many nationalities. She is very strong in this, but every nationality should have its own distinctive features – language, clothes, traditions, art.

Let us, Muslim Tatars, keep our own characteristics, because only our women wore kalfaks. And the Tatar woman could be heard from afar, her ear pads rang when she walked.

500-800 women take part in our forums and congresses, and they all wear national costumes. Considerable efforts have been made to achieve this goal – for example, in 2014, on the basis of an invitation from the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress, we held a master class on sewing kalfaks and breast jewelry, which was attended by 106 women from different regions of Russia and foreign countries. Later, they organized various clubs and began teaching locally. National clothes are the most expensive gift that we got from our ancestors, and the gift must be kept carefully.

A baby’s cradle is the door to a great life

What else does the Ak Kalfak society do? A child is born in the family. Literally translated, the Tatars have an expression: “The cradle of a baby is the door to a great life.” In recent years, special attention has been paid to the traditions of “baby ashy”, the choice of a name for the baby, that is, the naming ceremony, and lullabies for the baby are carefully selected. A training series of discs in three parts has been released in this direction, and the fourth part is planned to be released.

We have collected lullabies of Tatars living in different regions of Russia, recorded them on audio discs and distributed them to kindergartens.

Folk songs are performed by representatives of the nation with love and awe. They are very important in a person’s life, folk songs are very peculiar. So, now many schools use them instead of the standard bell, which contributes to the development of national consciousness in children.

The main support is women entrepreneurs

Tatar entrepreneurs before and today are a source of investment in the preservation of our national culture, traditions, and spirit. Especially active work in this direction is being carried out in regions outside Tatarstan. Our entrepreneurs are at the origins of the construction of mosques, schools, kindergartens, the publication of newspapers and magazines, the creation of national ensembles, activities in the tourist sector, and the holding of national competitions.

Women entrepreneurs are the main support in the activities of our public organization. They manage the branches and branches of the Ak Kalfak organization, and we rely directly on their support in our activities.

Our businesswomen are of great help in preserving the village. Today in the hall of Rome Gumerovna Safiullova is a vivid example of this. He heads the department of Ak Kalfak Tetyushsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan, manages agricultural enterprises, thereby creating jobs and living conditions for the population in villages.

Albina Failyevna Absalyamova, the head of the Ak Kalfak organization in the Orenburg Region, has been preserving and developing one of our national crafts, the production of down shawls, together with her family for 23 years. Classes for teaching this craft are open for children. Today, Albina Failyevna is the head of the Orenburg Pukhovnitsa organization in the Orenburg region.

Traditions are the foundation of the family

In every case, family integrity, family unity, family equality are needed! When working with public organizations, people first evaluate you, your family hearth, and observe how you raise children. If we take up community service, it is very important that our family be in order. Only then will people believe in us and follow us.

Dear participants of the meeting! I hope that our communication will continue, and we will continue to share our accumulated experience with each other. I wish you all good health, family well-being, and success! May life give you happiness and joy.


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