Social responsibility of women in business

At the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”, the theme of which was: “The role of the women’s community in the modern world”, the General Director of Agrofirma Kolos LLC (Tatarstan) made a report.Member of the International Association of Islamic Business Charitable Foundation.Deputy of the Syundyukovsky rural settlement of the Tetyushsky municipal district.. The official representative of the International Women’s Union in Tatarstan, Safiullova Rima Gumerovna.


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The topic of the report is “Social responsibility of women in business”.

Good afternoon, dear panelists!

Today we are talking about the role of women in the modern world. Listening to all the speakers, I understand that the role of a woman, regardless of the sphere of her activity, is primarily aimed at creation.

Today I head two of the most successful agricultural enterprises not only in the Tetyushsky district, but also in Tatarstan – the Kolos Agrofirm and Safiullova R.G. farm. Both farms make a great contribution to the development of the agro-industrial sector of the republic.

In agriculture, as in many other sectors of the economy, women often set the tone. Agriculture is not just a large part of the economy, it is a strategic industry that ensures the country’s food security.

Looking back, I can say that my career path is not easy, but at the same time it is interesting. It began with the activity of the artistic director of the rural House of Culture of the Drozhzhanovsky district of Tatarstan. And 26 years ago, I first came to the Tetyushsky district, following my husband. At that time, I was already married, lived in Ulyanovsk, worked, and raised my eldest son. And now I am the head of a large agricultural holding “Kolos” in the Tetyushsky district of Tatarstan.

Remembering those days, I am glad that I had the patience to withstand the initial stage, when I gave up, when I wanted to give up everything and leave.

The Kolos agrofirm is the leading agricultural enterprise in the district, consistently among the top five in terms of yield in the republic. This year, the grain yield took the first place in Tatarstan.

I try to combine a sense of responsibility, knowledge of agricultural production, and the ability to organize a team, which allows me to quickly solve many problems. A woman engaged in agricultural production should be able to finish what she started, achieve her goals, be able to see big in small, be demanding of herself and others.

Caring and sensitivity, attention and trust are the unshakable truths on which the entire highly organized and cohesive work process is based. I try to help my colleagues not only with good advice, but also stimulate them with high wages, social benefits and many others. My job is a second home, and the people in the team are a second family.

An extensive charitable activity is included in the mandatory expenditure item of our agricultural enterprises. We need to help people, in whatever form it is done. We sponsor various events, provide agricultural goods to the residents of the settlement, and sell goods at fairs at discounted prices.

Today, one of our main tasks is to support the participants of the special military operation. As part of the CBR, our agricultural enterprises provide support to Russian soldiers and residents of the affected regions. Since the beginning of the SVO, humanitarian aid totaling 2 million rubles has been sent to the combat zone.

It is important for a modern woman to be not only a good housewife and a caring mother, she needs to strive for harmony between her personal and social life, professional career and family.

Social activities occupy one of the most important places in my life. I head the regional public organizations “Ak Kalfak” and “Tatar family”, I am a member of the charitable foundation “International Association of Islamic Business”. It is a great honor for me to be the official representative of the International Women’s Union in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Dear Kadriya Raesovna spoke in front of me, and you saw how large-scale she is doing the work of the WORLD MOVEMENT OF TATAR WOMEN “Ak Kalfak”.

In the regional branch of the association of Tatar women “Ak Kalfak” we managed to create a well-coordinated, kind atmosphere, which, like a magnet, attracts the most caring.

Even as a child, in my native Drozhzhanovsky district, I realized by the example of my parents that one should live with fellow villagers as with relatives, support them in sorrow and joy, lend a shoulder if someone is ill next to them. And when fate connected me with the Tetyushsky district, this region became truly native to me.

Public activity requires special energy, indifference and a desire to preserve the good traditions of the Tatar people. The aunts respond to all the ideas, they themselves put forward proposals on how to involve children and young people in the work of Ak Kalfak.

Our large-scale activities make it possible to educate the national identity of the younger generation, to increase the role of women in preserving their native culture. “Kaz omase”, “Nauruz”, “Tatar malae”, “May uny”, “Karga botkasy”, “Ebiemnen kunel sandygy” are held with great success in the district. Every year we go with concerts and gifts to the Boarding House for the elderly and disabled (Bolshoe Shemyakino village), to the health camp for children with disabilities “Swallow” (Uryum village). And during field work, the creative group “Ak Kalfak” performs in front of machine operators in the fields.

Women’s activists from different localities of the district are very willing to meet with children in schools and kindergartens, with public structures, with creative people. And all this in the name of one main task — to preserve the native language, customs and traditions of our people, strengthen the “foundation” of the traditional family, and revive national education.

Often our men seem to say to us, women: “This world is so difficult and cruel, why should you, so fragile, take on its worries, responsibilities and worries? You may not be able to cope and get tired.” But where a woman cannot exercise her civil rights on an equal basis with a man, the world will become more difficult and cruel every year.

Therefore, I sincerely believe that the future of the nation is in the hands of a woman.

Thanks for your attention!



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