Welcome speech of the Senator of the Russian Federation to the participants of the meeting.

On April 25, 2024, at a meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” Alfiya Ravilyevna read a welcome letter from the Senator of the Russian Federation, Lazutkina Yulia Viktorovna

Фото ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”

Dear Forum members!

On behalf of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy and myself, I welcome the participants of the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”, which is dedicated to the role of the women’s community in the modern world.

The role of women in all areas of society is growing, and dynamically. We women are not only an integral part of the historical process, but also its increasingly significant driving force.

The active inclusion of women in creative work, in the social, political and economic life of the country is one of the components of a successful developing society.

I would like to note that the Federation Council pays special attention to projects and initiatives aimed at increasing women’s participation in public and political life. One of the most authoritative international platforms, which is held by the Federation Council under the leadership of Galina Nikolaevna Karelova, is undoubtedly the Eurasian Women’s Forum, consolidating women leaders, women’s associations in the interests of peace and social well-being. Over the years, the forum has proved to be a sought-after and authoritative platform that promotes the consolidation of all those who seek to actively participate in the international women’s movement.

As the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko has repeatedly stressed: the most effective use of professionalism, talents, and energy of women meets the interests of our society and the state.

The new reality poses new challenges for us, in which women play an increasingly important role, and the demand for women’s leadership is growing all over the world today. In the modern world, no one is surprised by the presence of women in politics, science, medicine, and business, it has become normal that a woman can exert her influence on the development of global processes.

There are more and more women managers in state, municipal and corporate governance, including in business, public sector, science and culture. As for participation in business processes, for example, in Russia, more than 40% of small businesses are led by women, who need to unite, receive information about support measures and support.

The Federation Council, for its part, is ready to continue to legislatively support women entrepreneurs. Their support is one of the components of the National Strategy of Action for Women for 2023-2030, which became a logical continuation of a similar concept implemented in 2017-2022.

The result of the implementation of the Strategy should be the formation of a system of measures aimed at ensuring the implementation of the principle of equal rights and freedoms of men and women, creating equal opportunities for their realization by women in all spheres of life, increasing economic independence, political activity, expanding opportunities for women’s self-realization, as well as overcoming stereotypical ideas about the social roles of men and women.

I am sure that during our meeting, the participants will be able to discuss the importance of increasing the role of women in achieving the global goals of sustainable development of the country, ideas for developing their own business, and find new directions for international cooperation.

I wish you new acquaintances, fruitful discussions, mutual enrichment of interesting experiences and maximum practical impact!

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