At the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000”, the topic of which was: “Preservation and strengthening of traditional spiritual and moral values of multinational Russia and friendly foreign countries,” Natalia Zakharova, Actress, member of the Parents Chamber Union, member of the National Association of Playwrights, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, Cultural adviser to the head of the Presnya City Council of Moscow, member of the Bunin Russian Society, member of the Imperial Palestinian Society, spoke, expert of the First channel, “Russia 1”, NTV.

In particular, Natalia Zakharova told:

“There is such a common expression “the magic power of art”, but it is useful to remember that magic can be good and evil.
Previously, we did not need to be reminded of this, because the fact that art should ennoble a person and elevate the soul was an axiom.
It’s not like that at all today.Unfortunately, today it is often an evil art in which destruction concerns both the morality and the psyche of a person, especially a young person.
The topic of censorship has been discussed in our society for a long time, the creation of a kind of Expert Community consisting of outstanding figures of culture and art to whose opinion society and especially young people would listen. It is not necessary to say that we are talking about punitive censorship, about the Stalinist camps.
Russian pre-revolutionary censors were such great writers as Saltykov-Shchedrin, poets,  Tyutchev, a wonderful writer, Korolenko. Do not be afraid of the word “censorship” – this is a vital issue, especially when it comes to the younger generation.
We now have a so-called demographic pit, because a lot of children have grown up, whom it is already fashionable to call, for the umpteenth time in our history, the lost generation. They were brought up on what is called today’s art. Some call it youth art, some call it alternative art. Someone is postmodern, but the essence with all these stickers is the same-it’s a surrogate, a dump!
After all, bad art is bad, but art. There is still human speech or some kind of banal, but music. Or some not very independent paintings, but at least copied from the samples of great masters, and this is not a good and bad art at all. This is a garbage bucket instead of food, and there are a lot of such garbage buckets in various fields of art today. That is why it is so important to introduce censorship now.
It will be a community of experts, people with good taste, people who are absolutely honest, who cannot be bought (because today they even say on TV that our whole society is riddled with corruption), so we need to foresee this danger, this risk.
Art, as we know, whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not, plays a huge educational role.
If it is aggressive, disgusting, depraved, dirty, it does not play an educational role, but a destructive one, and where there is a destruction of morality, mental health necessarily suffers, and we need healthy people, healthy youth.

It would be correct to create a list of works of art and literature as a register or catalog of the national heritage of the Russian Federation. To declare Russian classics an inviolable cultural fund, as People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Yu.M. Solomin spoke about in 2023 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
Just as during restoration it is impossible to change and distort the appearance of monuments, so it is impossible to distort the content of literary works and treat them frivolously!
We need to protect authentic art from its fake imitations, and reputable professionals who enjoy the recognition of the Russian cultural community should participate in this.

The magic power of art – let’s return to this term. As I said, magic can be good and evil. Images of art always affect a person more strongly than real life, if these are anti-human images, then the impact will be much stronger than when we just see ugliness on the street: ugliness of tattoos, ugliness of piercings, ugliness of unkempt hair, mats and so on.
Ugly art will
have a negative impact, including on mental health, not only do we have privatized, stupid youth, we also need mentally ill youth? No, of course not!

What should I do? Let us recall that on November 9, 2022, our president issued decree number 809, which is very important for today’s topic of our conversation.Today, almost all the reports were devoted to traditional values. This is not accidental, because we have always tried to preserve them and do a lot to ensure that young people know about these traditional values.
The President is calling us to what we have been striving for for a long time, but we did not have this confirmation from the very top, and now we have it.
Therefore, as I have already said, honest and competent professional censorship of the Expert Community of Contemporary Art is necessary.

The elected members of such an Expert Community, I will gladly join such a council, before millions of subsidies are allocated from the country’s budget for pseudo-cultural fakes of Russian classics, should openly voice their feedback on the project, script, film, performance, exhibition, and then on its artistic implementation.
If the degree of discrepancy between these projects is minimal, then the members of the public Expert Council must approve and allow this product to be mass displayed. Otherwise, we will be held hostage by corrupt art managers, foreign agents and destroyers of our traditional family values.
Now it is especially important to create a structure that gives a real rebuff to anti-cultural, Russophobic attacks and destroyers of our civilizational code.”

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