The culture of multinational Russia should be dedicated to goodness and harmony

On April 18, 2024, a meeting of the “VISION 3000 International Discussion Club” was held at the Moscow House of Nationalities.

The agenda of the meeting was devoted to the topic: “The culture of multinational Russia should be dedicated to goodness and harmony.”

The meeting was opened by Amirova Alfiya, President of the International Union of Women, President of the International Discussion Club VISION 3000.

Alfiya Amirova noted: “Russia is a multinational and multi—religious country and it is necessary to treat all peoples living on its territory with respect. Any omission in national and language policy can be used to incite interethnic conflicts, inculcate ideas of extremism, and destroy the integrity of the ethno-cultural space of our country.

Multinational culture, traditional spiritual and moral values underlie the common cultural space of the peoples of Russia, a common sense of Homeland. The protection of the cultural identity of all peoples and ethnic communities of the Russian Federation guarantees the preservation of ethnocultural and linguistic diversity. To strengthen national identity, it is important to develop culture.

To strengthen national identity, it is important to develop culture. “Culture should serve goodness, harmony, and awaken the best human qualities,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his Message.”

Representatives of relevant organizations of the regions of the Russian Federation, experts in the field of culture, public figures, and leaders of women’s communities were invited and spoke at the meeting.:

Murtazina Ficus Farashovna is the Department for Interaction with government agencies in the field of culture, science, education and Public Relations of the Plenipotentiary Representative Office of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation. Welcome speech;

Galina Vladimirovna Preminina is the Deputy Chairman of the Karelian Community in Moscow. The topic of the presentation: “Intercultural and international dialogue. The Karelian Experience”;

Kuzmina Maria Mikhailovna — “Representative Office of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug — Yugra” . Topic of the presentation: “The big family of multinational Yugra”;

Zhelvakova Yulia Igorevna — President of the Charitable Foundation for Support of Social and Public Projects and Humanitarian Missions, public figure, author of the federal social project “Russian Culture. Rebirth”. Topic of the presentation: “Collaboration of representatives of creative industries and state cultural institutions”;

Galibina Elena Gennadievna is a member of the Council for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy of the CCI of the Russian Federation. Topic of the presentation: “BRICS and good: how international cooperation contributes to the development of culture and interethnic harmony in Russia” ;

Levina Maria Vladimirovna is the President of the NGO “Woman is the heritage of the Nation”. The Founder of the School of Worthy Ladies. The author of the International pageant of beauty and dignity “The Heritage of the Nation” (formerly “The White Queen”). The founder of the girls’ school “Modern Institute of Noble Maidens”. Topic: “The cultural code of Russia: A woman”

Maria Sergeevna Bulatnikova is a designer and founder of the clothing brand Colorzzofzesun, an anthropologist by education (RGGU). Topic of the presentation: “Harmony of the culture of multinational Tanzania and its reflection in the clothing brand Colorzzofzesun ”

Aliyeva Munira Saidmurodovna – Deputy Director of the ANO “Federation for the Development of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry “Soul of the People”, regional representative of the brand “Cuisine without Borders”.

Maria V. Kokunova is the Head of the Department for Projects of the Power of Rebirth Foundation, moderator of business events, ambassador of the Moscow Volunteers community.

After the speakers’ speeches and answers to questions, the participants continued to communicate in an informal setting.

We thank GBU “Moscow House of Nationalities” for their help in organizing the meeting of the International Discussion Club “VISION 3000” and for the photo material provided.

Organizer: “International Women’s Union ”

General Information Partner: Online publication “Embassy Life”

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