The concept of the national educational policy of the Russian Federation.


On February 14, 2024, a meeting of the “VISION 3000 International Discussion Club” was held at the Moscow House of Nationalities.

The agenda of the meeting was devoted to the topic: “Concepts of the national educational policy of the Russian Federation”.


ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”


The meeting was opened by Amirova Alfiya, President of the International Women’s Union, President of the International Discussion Club VISION 3000.


ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”


The national educational policy of the Russian Federation is a system of views, principles and priorities of state educational policy, which are dictated by the nature of Russian society – not only its multilingualism and multiculturalism, but also the historical spiritual community of the peoples and cultures of Russia. At the meeting, the participants discussed the state educational policy, the main purpose of which is to ensure accessibility, quality and equality of education for all citizens of the country. It is aimed at the formation of literate, educated and socially adapted citizens who are able to function successfully in modern society.


The current state of the state educational policy is characterized by a number of features and challenges that states face in the field of education. Some of them are:


  • Expanding access to education
  • The quality of education
  • Innovations in education

The moderator was Kamil Gazimagomedovich Landa, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of the Department of International Cooperation at the RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation;


ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”


   The speakers were:

Lyudmila Bokova — Vice-Rector for Legal Affairs of the RAZHVIZ named after Glazunova I.S. President of the ANO “Agency for Support of State Initiatives”. Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (2020), Member of the Federation Council from the Saratov Region (2012-2020), Deputy of the State Duma of the sixth convocation (2011-2012);

ФОТО ГБУ “Московский дом национальностей”


Palagina Anna Nikolaevna — Rector of the Corporate Institute of the CCI of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the CCI of the Russian Federation on Education and Social Policy, Doctor of Economics. Topic of the presentation: “Education and the labor market: the role of business associations and corporate education”;



Semedov Semed Abakaevich — Professor, Head of the Department of International Cooperation at the RANEPA. Topic of the presentation: “Educational diplomacy as the most important element of public diplomacy in modern Russia”;



Ibragimov Rustam Yurievich — Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor, founder of the ANO “Literary and Historical Club “Heritage”. Topic of the speech: “Russian: conciliarity, unity, brotherhood”;



Bikbulatova Albina Akhatovna is the Director of the Department for Work with Educational Organizations of the Russian Society Znanie.
Topic of the presentation: “The role of the Russian Society “Knowledge” in the implementation of educational programs»



Anastasia G. Kurbatova is a consultant to the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International humanitarian cooperation. The topic of the presentation: “The role of international NGOs in the reform of historical education.”




Nikitina Darya Vladimirovna is a senior lecturer at the Department of International Cooperation of the RANEPA with the topic: “The New World Order through the transformation of education in the BRICS+ countries”



After the speakers’ speeches and answers to questions, the participants continued to communicate in an informal setting.



We thank the Moscow House of Nationalities for the organizational support!

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